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We at TYPSI take pride in what we do! Our business was created to put smiles on other faces while doing what we love. We treat our clients like family and strive to create a warm experience to remember. 

"I love bartending! The creativity is endless, and I meet the best of souls! You never know who you may encounter or what someone is going through, but maybe you can brighten a day or two with a good drink and a nice smile."


 Founder, Bartender, Friend

A TYPSI Look: Meet the Founders

Meet Alba, Dora, and Jessica:


Alba is an investor, consultant, and multi-CEO with a hunger for success. Alba has been involved in finance, real estate, auto sales, and business management. She enjoys exercising, cooking, and a darn good whiskey! 

Dora is a spunky bartender with 5+ years in the service industry. Dora has worked in several businesses, from fine dining to sports bars, as a host, waitress, trainer, and lead bartender. She enjoys cooking, playing with her two fur babies, and a nice añejo tequila!

Jessica, an expert bartender with 7+ years in the industry, has worked as a waitress, bartender, manager, trainer, and free-lance bartender in her experience. She enjoys painting, Harry Potter books, and a top notch Manhattan. 

Parallel Lines


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